The Musician’s Business and Legal Guide Publication: New 5th Edition Available

The fifth revision of The Musician’s Business and Legal Guide. A Presentation of the Beverly Hills Committee for the Arts, edited by Mark Halloran, has just been published in March 2017 by Routledge, Taylor and Francis, the largest global textbook publisher.


The book can be ordered now on Amazon:

The Musician’s Business and Legal Guide provides vital information to help demystify the music business and the complex body of law that shapes it. Definitive in scope and written specifically for musicians and songwriters by top professionals currently working in the industry, this book provides substantive information on how to protect entertainment group names and copyright; what is and is not legal about sampling; what are the legal issues surrounding digital downloads and streaming. social media, and YouTube;  what are the jobs of managers, talent agents and publishers; what are common contractual relationship between independent and major labels, including 360 deals. Clause-by-clause commentaries are provided on major contracts in the industry.

Diane Rapaport’s company, Jerome Headlands Press, produced the new revision.


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