Diane Sward Rapaport Bio

Diane Sward Rapaport is a publisher, author and book producer. She is a member of the Hines, Oregon Town Council; and a board member of the Harney County Watershed Council.

Book Producer

In March 2017, the fifth revision of The Musician’s Business and Legal Guide, A Presentation of the Beverly Hills Bar Association Committee for the Arts, edited by Mark Halloran, Esq. has been published in March 2017 by Routledge, Taylor and Francis one of the largest global textbook publishers. As with other editions, Diane Rapaport’s company, Jerome Headlands press produced the book, in cooperation with the Beverly Hills Bar Association and Mark Halloran. The book is considered one of the ‘holy trinity’ of music business books, selling more than 250,000 books since 1991. http://amzn.to/2nDYy7A5thMB&LG_Cvr


Since 1991, Jerome Headlands Press has produced books for musicians and artists that were co-published with Pearson Education.  Books include two of her own books: How to Make and Sell Your Own Recording and A Music Business Primer. Other books were The Acoustic Musician’s Guide to Sound Reinforcement and Live Recording by Mike Sokol; and four revisions of The Musician’s Business and Legal Guide: A Presentation of the Beverly Hill Bar Association Committee for the Arts.


AW_Cover_front-cover_V8-sm-RGB-webIn May 2016, Jerome Headlands Press, published  Adulterer’s Wife, How to Thrive Whether You Stay or Not by C.  J. Grace (www.adultererswife.com)  The book helps women  overcome the tsunami of fury, loneliness, jealousy and sadness that their husband’s betrayal has swept them into. It tells readers how to use their shock and anger to take back power and gain independence. “The best revenge is to get past the need for it,” writes C. J. Grace.


Diane Rapaport’s third book,  Home Sweet Jerome, Death and Rebirth of Arizona’s Richest Copper City, was published in 2014 by Johnson Books, a subsidiary of Big Earth Publishing.  This quirky, provocative history is about the people that overcame overwhelming odds to revive this fabled city after it was abandoned in the 1950s. Jerome became Arizona’s most famous ghost town and  a notorious and loveable hippie hideout.  The book was highly accliamed by readers and critics and sold 3500 companies when Big Earth books went into bankruptcy in September 2017.

Diane Sward Rapaport's history of Jerome. Arizona after 1953

The first history of Jerome, Arizona after 1953.

Her book, How to Make and Sell Your Own Recording, published in 1979 revolutionized the music industry by providing information about recording and marketing indie (DIY) recordings. Over a period of 20 years, the book had five revisions and sold 250,000 copies. (Out-Of-Print)

How to Make and Sell Your Own Recording

How to Make and Sell Your Own Recording had five revisions and sold 250,000 copies’

She wrote a Music Business Primer in 2001. It is out-of-print.

Highlights of Rapaport’s career include—

  • The first woman to work as an artist’s manager in the music industry for Bill Graham’s Fillmore Management (1969-1974).
  • Pioneer of music business education for musicians—publishing the first music business magazine (Music Works—A Manual for Musicians) and teaching some of the first music business workshops in the country.
  • Producer of the first five annual COYOTE Hooker’s Masquerade Balls in San Francisco, California (1974-1977), arguably the largest (and wildest) charity fundraiser at that time.
  • Founder of an advertising and public relations company in Jerome, AZ that specialized in working with companies that remediated contaminated soil and groundwater or designed environmental monitoring equipment. Among her clients Jerome Instrument Corporation (designed and manufactured mercury detection instruments), Tracer Research Corporation (designed and manufactured leak detection equipment for aboveground fuel storage tanks), and The RETEC Group, a national remediation firm (respectively purchased by Arizona Instrument Corporation, Usisco Inc., and Westford-based AECOM Technology Corp. She published over fifty articles on behalf of her clients in such publications as Chemical Engineering and Environmental Management.
  • Producer of “Images of Jerome: A Centennial Retrospective: 1899-1999,” an art show which was sponsored by the Jerome Historical Society. Some one hundred art works depicted the culture of the community during three distinct periods: the mining era, ghost town years, and restoration period.
  • Teacher of Taoist tai chi and qigong health practices. She edited many books for Taoist Lineage Master Bruce Frantzis,  including Dragon and Tiger Medical QigongSexual Meditation and Tai Chi: Health for Life.


Rapaport graduated magna cum laude from Connecticut College in New London with a double major in English and History and earned a Masters Degree in Renaissance Literature from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. She was an honorary Woodrow Wilson Scholar.


14 thoughts on “Diane Sward Rapaport Bio

    • We listen often to her first two albums.. .and often quote from her lyrics. She was an amazing poet. So who are you. Thanks for writing. Diane


  1. I watch the Final Days all the time…and I always go by the Honda dealership on Van Ness when Im in SFO trying to understand what building Bill walked along side in the films opening with Barbara singing Hello Friends or where his office was…I think you worked in the same bldg…can you draw me a map ?? LOL…is it even still there ?


    • I honestly don’t know if the office that housed Bill Graham Management, Millard Agency, Fillmore Records, etc. still eixists. It was right on Van Ness, only two stories high, right across from the old Fillmore West. It was where I worked.. .my office as the second story up, towards the back. If you go to the pages part of my blog, you might see that some are devoted to the music biz days. Diane


  2. Dear Mrs. Rapaport,
    You have a great website. I have enjoyed learning about you and the rich art heritage of Jerome. I have some questions about the artist Lew Davis that I would like to ask you. Thank you so much in advance.


    • The Jeroe Historica Society has a few of his paintings in the Historical Society Muscum on Main Street. Magnificent. I do not know much more than thi:

      “Born in Jerome, territory of Arizona, Lew Davis has a name associated with the copper mining landscapes of his hometown, and he is referred to as the Dean of Arizona Artists.

      As a youngster, he was a frustration to his teachers because he continually drew in notebooks and paid little attention to lessons. He saw illustrations of Norman Rockwell and decided he wanted to do work like him. At age 17, Davis traveled to New York and worked as a sign painter and messenger boy for The New York Sun while studying at the Academy of Design with Leon Kroll.

      He taught for three years at a private school in New Jersey, and returned in 1935 to Jerome on a United States Treasury Department Art Project.

      There is a book on Amazon on his paintings. . .


  3. John: The Jerome Historical Society may still have one of his images for a poster designed for a commemorative art show in 1999 featuring one of his images Diane


  4. Hello Diane.
    I do not know if you are still interested in some more folks that lived in Jerome in early 1970’s but here are additional names. I lived there ’72-’73. Then visited occasionally until I moved to Alaska from Prescott in ’77. In fact there’s a pic of me, Pat Jackson & Leon Nelson in the blog.
    Some of these may be repeats as I didn’t recognize some “real names” on the list.
    Me – Patty Westbrook & daughter Michelle Erbe. Dog Lobo, cat Teddy. Teddy whom Moses M. launched across the room for peeing on his sleeping bag. Lobo chased an actor in the street during the melodrama thinking the heroine was actually being attacked. Jo Anna Littau was part of our horde. She was my friend from San Diego. We lived in the Bland house on the other side of Mimi & Lou. Also: Billy Flynn (Sage Clark’s dad) Billy’s brother Thomas & sisters Cathy & Sue. Shooter Schuester, Canyon Billy (Beaudard) sp? & Mary. don’t remember which Mary that was. She was a lawyer & decided to call her self Mark. We called her Mary Mark. They often stayed out in Sycamore Canyon in the cabin next door to Old John. There was Turk w/the orange panel truck/wagon. David Simon who tended bar at the Spirit Room. Anna Banana played auto harp & named her baby Namaste. Sky (apache doctor) & his girlfriend Laura. Victoria & baby Joy. Joy’s dad was musician in Jerome. Ashley ? The painting cowboy. Can’t remember the parents of kids – Happy & Shahanna but remember the kids. I had actually started a series of short stories called Jerome Follies. Alas never completed the project. It’s late. I’ll close. If you are still interested – I’ll get more names. If not that’s fine too. Please let me know. I’ll probably send “Dick” (Richard) Martin a copy of this. I’m interested in your book also. I’ll f/u on that later. Muchas gracias.


    • Thanks so mich, Patty. If you ever get to reading my book, would love to know what you think, Most of the blogs are not part of the book.


  5. Hello, I thought you might want to know that a man I worked with for many years passed away recently. I knew him fondly as Ed “The Hippy” Milazzo.


    • thank you. I did not know Ed, but many in Jerome did. He left before I got there. I’m going to post it on the Jerome site, as some may want to know.


  6. Sounds good, I got a bit lost navigating around in here, what is “the Jerome site”? Is it part of your blog? Anyway, I am fascinated with the stories of old Jerome, I recently moved to Camp Verde from Flagstaff, but nobody seems to remember anymore. Found your page when doing a Google search, great stuff. Take care…


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