People That Moved to Jerome AZ: 1954-1967

Since posting the list of people that moved to Jerome, AZ between 1967-79, many have written me with comments/corrections, which I appreciate. Although these lists are difficult to get completely accurate, the families that once lived here and their children and grandchildren appreciate the effort.

The list of people that were here in 1953, after the mines left Jerome and it became a village, are posted in my book, Home Sweet Jerome: Death and Rebirth of Arizona’s Richest Copper Mining City. The list was amended slightly in the second printing; the third printing will have only a few more corrections. Many of these people continued to live in Jerome until they died. (A few examples would be Ruth Cantrell, Flossie McClellan, John McMillan, the Tamale ladies, Father John).

For sure, Jerome was never a ghost town. It may have looked like it in various neighborhoods, but after 1953, the population never went below 250.

The lists of Jerome residents from 1954 to 1979 will eventually be turned over to the Jerome Historical Society.

Here is the new list. It should be compared to the list of people that moved to Jerome from 1968-1979 (earlier blog). If anyone knows of people that ought to be switched in these lists, please let me know.

Please also add spouse names and or children. This list needs amending,

Sam and Clara Ater

Earl and Betty Bell (when did the kids move here. . .e.g. Patti. . .etc.)

The Blasés ( ? and Edith)

Gene Bollen

Walter and Marcia Brubaker

Leo Buss (Spelling??)

Duke Cannell

Charles and Helen Coppage

Bill and Anna Cram (Janet, Roger, Becky, Phillip) and Uncle Veri

Walter and Gladys Crow

John and Mary Dempsey

Rocky and Cele Driver and daughter Kya

John Duffy

Joan Evans

Frank and Thelma Ferrell

John Figi

Winifred Foster

Paul and wife Gross and daughter Minnie and Dani

Ralph Grummet

Ava and Alfredo Guitterez

Phil and Mary Harris and children Troy and Travis

Joe and Louise Heyer (Antique shop)

Barbara Hogan

Shan and Roger Holt and son David

Ashley (and husband?) Hostetter (Ashley had a gallery on main street)

Mary Johnson

Inez Kelly


Jere Lepley

Harriet LeVerring

George and Rosella Kennedy (had AZ Discoveries)

Ruth Kruse

Peggy Mason and their children Carter and Carietta

Louis and Louise Martinez

Charles and Fran Matheus

John and Kathryn Mathews. John was a painter; and Kathryn a potter

Him and Cheryl McCully and son Brad and daughter Molly

Dick and Esther Meusch (had a bottle shop on lower Main opposite Hotel Jerome)


John and Deanna O’Donnell

Bob Palm

Russ and Esther Parr and children Karl and Terry

Walter (Shorty) Powell (fine art painter lived in High House)

Lynn Rose and son Skip

Tom Scott: (Scotty’s Rock Shop, Jerome)

Minnie Sewell and son Paul

M.E. “Jim” Shaffer (mgr Central Hotel)

Ernest Beach Smith and wife (?)

Levi and Margaret Smull and grandmother Jennie Richards and aunt Mary Smull

Dorothy Stickles

Milo and Jeanne Stoney and her brother Curley)

Max and Helen (Jane) Troyer

Doc and Nellie Wallace

Hazel Williams

Wil(ton) Tifft (photographer and Wood shop

Tom and Frankie Vincent and sons Henry P., and Ed and daughter Maeve



5 thoughts on “People That Moved to Jerome AZ: 1954-1967

  1. Diane ,I believe Scottys Rock Shop was started by Tom Scott. Scotty built some of the fireplaces around the valley .Not sure but I think he did the rock work at The 10 – 12 also.


  2. Dear Diane,
    In reading through this list I notice you have “Paul Groseta (wife/children?)” included. My husband is Paul Groseta and his great-grandpa Pete Groseta came to Jerome with his parents in the nineteen-teens. I know for certain they were in Jerome by 1917 as I found a receipt book when my dad closed on the Zamar House at 208 5th St for the Croatian Fraternal Union made out to Pete Groseta in June 1917. Paul’s grandmother Katherine Groseta was a Maglich and she also was related to the Blazina family (I believe her mother was a Blazina). Katherine’s parents lived in Jerome. In fact she was born in the house just down from the Ghost City Inn that is painted blue with pink trim. Her family later lived in the house on Verde that was on the home tour a few years back and it was called the “Wingfield House” on the tour however it was the Maglich’s that lived there when Katherine was a girl and my father-in-law has many memories visiting his grandmother there as well as his aunt. Pete Groseta’s family lived first in Middle Verde and then later in Bridgeport where we all live to this day. Paul and I live in his Grandma Katherine and Grandpa Pete’s house. There are two houses here at our ranch headquarters that were actually moved down from Jerome – one of them burned partially in a fire, which led to Paul’s grandparents building the house we currently live in. There very well may be another Paul Groseta, but I have not heard from my husband’s family of him. My husband was not even born in the 60’s and 70’s. Paul’s great-grandpa and grandpa – both named Pete Groseta – worked in the mine. In fact his Grandpa Pete was involved in the final pull of materials when the mine officially closed. If you go to the cemetery on North St one of the first headstones you come across is the twin sisters of Paul’s Grandpa Pete who died in infancy. Our youngest son is also named Pete Groseta. Thank you for being a keeper of the history of Jerome through all her many incarnations- it is so important and a subject very dear to my heart.
    Kind regards,
    Gretchen Groseta


  3. The Crow’s were Gladys and Walter, Nancy Norman purchased her houses on Holley from them in the seventies. Kathleen Jarvis


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