Jerome AZ 1967-1979 NEWCOMERS

Thanks for reaing these blogs and, hopefully, my book Home Sweet Jerome: Death and Rebirth of Arizona’s Richest Copper Mining City. The blogs and the book are different.

List revised per comments February 15, 2015.

A new list of people that moved to Jerome AZ between 1954 and 1967 will be posted soon in my newest blog. The people that lived in Jerome in 1953, after the mines left Jerome to become a village, are posted in my book, Home Sweet Jerome: Death and Rebirth of Arizona’s Richest Copper Mining City. The list was amended slightly in the second printing the third printing will have only a few more corrections. Some continued to live in Jerome until they died. (A few examples would be Ruth Cantrell, Flossie McClellan, John McMillan, the Tamale ladies, Father John.)

Here is a corrected list of hippies/renegades/freethinkers/artists that moved to Jerome AZ between 1967 and 1979. These names were compiled by Diane Sward Rapaport, with thanks to  Mimi and Lew Currier, Susan Dowling (Fox), Diane Johnson, Jane Moore, and Henry Vincent. List later commented on and corrected by Mary Phelps Bachman, Irene Baxter, Pam Clark, Mark Galligan,  Hanna Flagg, Sage Harvey, Richard Hileman (formerly Bob Grand), Carmen (Cox) Kotting, Anita Latch, Steve Murdock, Richard Martin, and Kathleen Williamson and many others that have left comments about who to include.  Thank you all

The accuracy of this list is not vouched for. . .somewhat because there are people that are suggested that moved here in the late fifties and early sixties (like the Bells and the Harris’).  Some hippies that moved here in the seventies were here only a brief few months.  That said, it is interesting to see that the list is important, and will be more so as time goes on. The major question I have is how to get is more accurate?

This is a large list—no wonder the old timers thought of it as an ‘invasion.’  Big population shift.  I just counted 320 including kids (and it’s getting larger),  But it’s tricky.  There were people that were living in Jerome in the seventies but who moved there between 1954 and 1967.  Shorty Powell was one of them (there’s a great photo of him in  Ballad of Laughing Mountain, published in 1957. Or John Riordan who was born in Jerome. After the Vietnam War he returned to Jerome and was living with his grandmother Flossie McClellan. And there is some disagreement as to whether some of these names belong to a list of 1980 newcomers.

Lists like these are very important, particularly to family and friends, as I found when I compiled the list of people that lived in Jerome in 1953 for my book Home Sweet Jerome, Death and Rebirth of Arizona’s Richest Copper Mining City.  They are the ones that have helped correct that list (a few more corrections and additions will be made in the third printing.

When there is more or less a complete list here, I’ll turn it over to the Jerome Historical Society.

What is interesting about this list is how many are still living in Jerome (and many close by in the Verde Valley), creating, contributing, etc.

The next task is to try and figure out how many artists (artisans, musicians, writers, etc) this list contains. A lot I know. . but it would be good to break it out like that.

Question: I thought Darien Zalefsky, John Ziegler and Pat Conlin moved after 1979. Does anyone know for sure?  What about the Seavers? Rosemary Martin? Gufstason. I think these were all 1980’s but does anyone know?  Who was Wilma (with Esther Burton)

I loved some of the ‘addendums.’ E.G. from Jane Moore: ” Lee Louden’s first wife was Cindy (Cindy left with Dewey, who was with Priscilla, to catch a flying saucer ride in Oregon along with some other hippies!”  Kathleen Williamson picked up on it and added more. (See comments)

Need last names

Michael and Pat

Baehr the painter who became a cop


Janice (lived with Ferne and Gary Shapiro for awhile

Ernie (ran hippy health food store in the Flatiron)

Dewey who was with Priscilla-now have her last name (Priscilla Rose Lane)

Bongo Bill

Virgo Bill

Red haired Peggy

Sunaguachi (think she changed her name after i moved in 1980) but what was her real name)  came with Shawn/Vajra


Little John

Vajra was called Lavender Rose because she sold herbs

Who was Teddy Jepson???

1967-1979   updated 2/15/15
Benny and Val Aldrich

Linda Allen

Dick Armstead

Mary Marc Armstrong

Delores Ashkar

Charley and Faye Aughe

Craig Bacharach

Glenn Baisch

Natalie Barlow

Hilde (Rippel) and Jerry Barber and daughters Christina and Cynthia

Tom Barber (lived with Pat Montreuil in early days)

Don Bassett

Oscar Betz

Irene Baxter and son Russell)

Gayle Belotte (and daughter and son Rennie and Tricia)

Sunshine Bernheim and her children, Oaken, Onami, Cedar and Rainbow

John Binzley

Bill and Betty Bland and Abe

Joanie Brock (son Neeth)

Tom and Karen Brown (educators)

John and Linsey Brower

Esther Burton

Catherine Bailey Campbell and daughter Blair

Jeanne Campbell

Richard Campbell (later moved to Camp Verde) artist

Dan Carey

Earl & Milly Carpenter
Lee Christiansen (and first wife)

Slim Chance

Jeri Clark and daughter Sage and son Lucas Lyerla

Susan Cloud (and Michael Rodriguez)

Bart Coble/Pam Clark and son Troy

Leah Conroe-Luzius

Jill Cooley

Boyd Copper

Richard Cotroneo (‘Crazy Richard’)

Rosie Douville and Jade Colours

Ed Cooper

Mimi and Lew Currier and son Chris

Ramon and Pauline Dana

Ted Darling

Cathy Davidson

Roger Davis

Johm DeWar

Susan and Ed Dowling

Lee Downey

Nancy Driver (and later Dana and Greg)

Rocky and Cele Driver and daughter Kya

Mary Druen and husband??? Jerome Druen

Bob Dunn

Frank Ebert

Jim Faernstrom (came with Natalie Barlow)

Tony Fam

Gary Felix

Karen Fellers (and son Daryl)

Hanna and Richard Flagg (daughter Mica and son Cayum)

John Foster

Bob Frey

Mary Frey

Noel Fray

Jodelle (Jody) French

Diane Freer

Mark Galligan

Joe Garfunkel (‘Guacamole Joe’)

Diane Geoghegan

Ferne Goldman

Bob Grand (Went back to his old name Richard Hileman and now lives in Clarkdale))

Sonny and Wanda Gurley

Dave and Debbie Hall and Debbie’s sister Suzanne

Carole Hand

Sue Hand

Joe Haney (First wife was Jeanne Moss)

Guy and Barbara Henley (daughter Jasmina and son Elijah)

Vince Henry and Marci, and their children Dawn, Crescent, Carlos, Jason and Deborah.

Linda Heidenreich

Michael Higginson plus (wife ?and their kids, Aurora Wind and Sky)

Stuart and Jean Hood and daughter Carson

Gail Hull (lived with Mad Michael Smith for a few years)

Pat Jacobson

Les Johnson

Richard Johnson

Ed Johnson

Diane Johnson and daughter Cherry

Bart Koble/Pam Clark (were they here in seventies or did they move here in eighties?)

Bob and Dixie Koble (not hippies)

Carmen (Cox) Kotting

Mick King

James Kinsella (brother Jay arrived in eighties)

Priscilla Rose Lane (and Dewey, her boyfriend?)

Suzi Langton (was she here in the seventies)

Anita Latch (was with Bob Grand (now Hileman) for a time)

Annabel Lee

Katie Lee and Jo van Leeuwen

Ray Levy

Neil and Noel Logan

Paula and Pam Logan (the twins). . .see Bo Wilson

Nancy and Lee Louden (daughter Nina); Lee’s first wife was Cindy; and Nancy Louden was Nancy Dubin before she married Lee

Moses McCormick

Jim and Cheryl McCully and son Brad and daughter Molly

Kelly McKee

Joanne McKeever

Craig and Shirley McLain

John and Iris McNerney

Rosemary Martin

Pat and John Mathews (Did they come in the seventies or earlier)

Erin Madden

Moses Malone (and counterfitter??)

Erin Madden

Murat Maneth

Richard and Pat Jackson Martin. Shawn, Ian and Evan were Pat’s kids by another marriage; Adam was Richard and Pat’s son.

Rosemary Martin

Greg and Sue Martz

Willy and Kathy Matthews

Judith Menkelenin now Brown the Astrologer run out of Town for being a witch

Dan Meyers and sister Jane (who then became Jane Meyers Waddell)

Ed Milazzo

Jamie Moffett

Nell Moffett

Dick Moll

Terry Molloy (ad girlfriend Lorrie)

Pat Montreuil

Jeanne Moss (came with husband Joe Haney)

Jane and Dave Moore

Randy and Crystal Murdock

Tom and Truly Murphy

Leon Nelson

Scott and Carol Nesselrode

Mike Neuman

Mary Nickerson

Paul Nonnast

Nancy Norman

Marybeth Phelps (Bachman) and daughter Rayna

Linda Quaid and daughter Rebecka

Billy and Laura (or Laurie?) Platt

Rick Oberlin

Gary and Shirley Olson

Scott and Ruth Owens and their daughter Anne

Bob Palm and Ted Darling

Linda Perry

Hilde Rippel and Jerry Barber

Marcella Robinson

Michael Rodriguez

Ed Roland (‘Black Ed’)

James Rome and Marilyn

Gary Romig and Pam Fullerton Romig
 and son Lars

Dave Rentz

Charles Runyon (Chuck/s dad) and Ruth, and sons Matt and Mark

Chuck and Karen Runyon

Dick Ryan and sister Laurie (house burned down in the Gulch)

John Sajner

Gabe Sajner

Pat Scanlan

Michael Schuh

Paul Scott

Alethea Selaya

Gary Shapir

DeDe Shamel

David Skimmins

Michael Smith (‘Mad Michael’)

Nancy Smith (dauhters Crystal and Sarah)

Richard Spudich

Ivy and Gig Stearman

Beth Steele

Nancy Stewart (and son Abe)

Harry Stewart

Glen Stockton

Will Stone

Kim and Caroline Talbott (caroline was second wife; Gayle Belotte was his first wife and daughter Trish, and Rennie (son)

Paula Taylor and Michael Kamrar

Liz Terrell

Michael Thompson

Phil and Peggy Tovrea

John Tudan

Jerome Tweedy

Doyle Vines

David Vogel

Lindsey and Jane Waddell

Dan Waddell

Tracey Weisel

Jeanne Welch

Tom Welch (bought Villa Zero from Esther Burton (who named it that)

David White

Kathleen Williamson

Bo Wilson (was with Paula—twins with Pam—need last names)

Carol Wittner

Grey Wolf

John Yates

Jim and Karen Youell andchildren Ty and Phaedra

Charlene Zack

Darien Zalefsky



37 thoughts on “Jerome AZ 1967-1979 NEWCOMERS

  1. Rocky and Cele Driver, daughter Kya, lived in Brubakers before Brubakers bought from them. Also Jim & Cheryl McCully , son Brad and daughter Molly0 lived in Kathleen’s house. Mary Nickerson. Sunaguachi,Erin Madden, Lavender Rose (herbs) John DeWar (lived in Jamie Moffett’s house before Jamie) Charley & Faye Aughe, lived in Pete Groseta’s house before Pat J. He ran the Sedona Dump.


  2. John Yates (lived with Mary Marc Armstrong and then Chrystal) moved to Phoenix in 1979 with Chrystal
    Mark Galligan and Gail Hull (Lived with Mad Michael Smith for 2 years)


  3. I think Segrettis and Basset moved to Jerome in the eighties. Not sure about David soule. Jane I did not get your email. Here’s a memory from Molly Beverly. “Bennie and Val Aldrich moved to Williamson Valley, lived in a Navajo style hogan, and had a nice little flock of kids. Built a successful jewelry business, moved to Durango. Their work is colorful, beautiful, finely detailed and crafted. top of the line.


  4. Carmen Kotting (not Karmen);
    Lee Louden’s first wife was Cindy (Cindy left with Dewey, who was with Priscilla, to catch a flying saucer ride in Oregon along with some other hippies! That was a big deal at the time!);
    Nancy Louden was Nancy Dubin at the time;
    Pat Scanlan (not Scanlon);
    Jane(Meyers)Waddell was Dan Meyers’ sister;
    Craig and Shirley McLain (not McClean);
    Guy and Barbara’s daughter Jasmina AND son Elijah;
    Pat Jacobson (not Jacobsen);
    Bo Wilson;
    Pam and Paula (twins whose last name i can’t remember, Paula was with Bo);
    Michael Schuh;
    Virgo Bill (last name?);
    Bongo Bill (last name?);
    Marybeth Phelps and daughter Rayna (not Rayne);
    Slim Chance;
    Delores Ashkar;
    Greg and Sue Martz;
    Rick Oberlin (owned Sue and Jim’s house before they did);
    Stuart and Jean Hood, and daughter Carson;
    Dan and Dixie Koble (not exactly hippies!);
    Dick Moll;
    Bob Palm and boyfriend David(?);
    Pat Conlin (i think showed up in late 70’s);
    John Foster;
    Pat(Montreuil) and Craig Bacharach (in the 70’s);
    Ernie (last name?) who ran the hippy health food store in the Flatiron bldg;
    Anita Latch (was with Bob Grand for a time);
    Gayle Belotte was Rennie and Tricia’s (Talbot) mom;
    Jill Cooley;
    Darien Zalefsky (late 70’s i think)

    I’m sure Richard would know Leon’s last name… he worked with him… and probably others’ last names i can’t remember, as well as adding a few!


  5. Vajra was owner of Lavender Rose, she sold herbs and people called her lavender rose; Gary Olson and wife Shirley lived in Starr’s fulch house; The Kobles were not hippies, as I remember-Diane daughter) was town clerk and closed her boob in the safe- ouch!; Bob Grand went back to his old name, Richerd Hileman and now lives in Clarkdale. He was long time bouncer at the Spirit room, Sue Hand, Richard Spuditch, Kim Talbot, Phil Tovrea, Link (lived in Vince Henri’s house, had bad eyesight but wouldn’t get glasses, just ate carrots) Dick Armstead, had the house below Guy and Barbara, kind of a nice biker dude.


    • Phil”s last name was Wherley – lived with Mad Michael, Gail Hull, and I for a very short period of time. He was constantly hitch hiking up and down the west coast and to Mexico. Mark Galligan


  6. My Mom should be on this list…. Jeri Clark (daughter Sage Clark and son Lucas Lyerla) 1972 is the year for her


  7. You still need to add John Yates – the Yates house – where Mary Marc Armstrong, Gail and I lived for about 2 years. John was a Vietnam vet who was partially disabled from his injuries and was the town “plumber” for a period of time before he moved back to Phoenix.


  8. My brother Randy Murdock and wife Crystal moved to Jerome in mid 70’s . Silversmiths, longtime friends with Paula Taylor and Lindsey & Jane and Marybeth and Pat to name a few. Later worked at J I C.


      • He may be working in Southern California, quite the brilliant man in computer something. I will ask John M if he knows where Randy can be contacted.


      • Jeanne, could you provide me with an email address or friend me on facebook so I can send you a message about how to contact Randy.John just emailed me back. I don’t want to do it publically. I’m not even sure which “Jeanne” you are! Diane


      • Randy and I spent a month in Cottonwood last Feb, Randy stayed till May. We will do it again, this winter. Randy is strongly considering leaving CA and moving to AZ or Mexico. I can give you contact info or you can wait a month or two and come visit us in Cottonwood if your in the area. Diane, is there a way for me to email Jeanne Randy’s contact info?


      • I just asked Steve. John M sent me some contact info and I don’t want to share ‘publically.’ I’m living in Hines, Oregon; was in Jeorme for a month (Oct through Nov. 15). Happy New Year.


  9. Comments and names are great. Sage I got all of your comments. Facebook is a bear sometimes and the names will be added sometime later today. IT sure has stirred up a lot of memories. Wonderful,


  10. It’s Ted Darling, rather than Ed… Ted worked at the House of Joy when i met him. Bob and Ted owned Scott Nesselrode’s house prior to Scott.


  11. A few more for your list, JoAnna Littau (bartended at Spirit Room), Teddy Jepsen, Ted and Ana Ryan, Pam and Paula Logan (the twins), Annabelle Aubashan (not sure of spelling), Dave and Colleen Holt and us, Kim Wright and Carol Meade (now Wright). It’s great reading the list of names and remembering the times! Thanks for putting this together!


    • Carol: When did you move here? When did Kim Wright move here. Dave Holt was the son of Roger and Shan Holt who moved to Jerome in 1954; When did Ted and Ana Ryan move here. I thought Paula Logan moved here in the eighties?


  12. You forgot the Allen’s, the Harris’s, the Bell’s. My parents and family moved there in 1968 because my grandparents lived there, Sam & Clara Ater. They owned a curio shop for many years. My parents opened the Jerome Cafe right next to the Spirit Room which was owned by John & Fay Watt…….just FYI………thanks Linda Allen


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