Definitions of Jerome AZ in the Seventies and Eighties

How the community defined itself or envisioned itself was always as quirky and fun as its residents. My favorite graphics were the imaginative ones on the front cover of a magazine called “The Jerome Times,” published in the eighties with fabulous covers of Jerome as a spaceship or ashram.

Here are some of my favorite definitions of Jerome.

Twinkle Town

Rebels without a Clue

400 people and 800 opinions

An unintentional community

The last of the Bohemian ghettos

Large hippie coffeehouse

Only place I know of where you can spit a block

The backwash of the avante garde (or the avante garde of the backwash)

Retirement community for hippies

Floating galaxy on the mountain

A hippie redoubt

The town that died and went to heaven.

A den of pirates

Where eccentricity seems commonplace

Boarding house for the voluntarily insane

Patchwork quilt

Town full of hippiecritters and cocationers

Rest home for old retreads

Insane asylum without a roof

(Soon to be published in Diane Sward Rapaport’s new book, Home Sweet Jerome, Rescuing a Town from its Ghosts, forthcoming Spring 2014 from Johnson Books (Big Earth Publishing).


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  1. Yippee! I love this… and recall your story-telling about Jerome, Arizona… now, I have your verbal cookies & cakes, so I can sit with my coffee, and slowly enjoy, one by one. It’s the best gift ever. Congrats.


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